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The Analysis of the Reasons for the Water Pump Vibration

Date:2011-03-27 15:53

日历精准六肖中特 The vibration of the water pump will influence the application of the pump. But after the application for a long time, the vibration is unavoidable and there are a lot of reasons which result in the vibration of the water pump. Some reasons are connected and interacted. Generally speaking, there are four main reasons. In the following passages they will be introduced in detail.

What comes first is the electric factor. The electric motor is the main equipment of the machine set. The imbalance of the magnetic force in the electric motor often results in the vibration and noise. For example, when the large-size synchronous machine is in operation, that the magnetic center is not in conformity or the air gap difference is quite great will cause the periodic vibration and noise.

In the second place, the vibration has something to do with the mechanical factors, such as the imbalance between electric motor and the rotatable parts of the water pump, unqualified installation, dissymmetric unit spool thread, the weak mechanical strength of the parts and so on.

What’s more, if the Water Pump Bearing or the sealing parts are destroyed or corroded seriously, the intensive vibration or noise will also be caused.

In the third place, the vibration will be caused by the water power. Because the flow speed in the water pump or the pressure is distributed unevenly, they will lead to the vibration of the pump. Meanwhile, the cavitations caused by different factors such as current bias, separation of flow or streaming around are also the common reason for the vibration. The abrupt change of the pressure in the pipeline caused by the start-up and shut-down of the water pump or valve or the changes of the working conditions often leads to the vibration of the pump house and machine set.

Last but not least, the water conservancy project is also the main factor for the vibration of the water pump. Owing to the unreasonable design for the flow passage in the machine set, incompatible machine set, unsuitable depth for the pump or the wrong start-up and shut-down, the condition of entering water will be worsen and thus will bring about the swirls or induce the cavitations. To some degree, they have a great influence on the vibration of the pump house. Some other factors can also not be overlooked. For example, the base that supports the water pump and electric motor suffers from the uneven sinkage or the rigidity of the base is rather weak.

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